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I, Monster

Waking up in an electric collage of 1950’s monster movies, five characters from your favourite B-side creature-features navigate their way through a new landscape of mass media. With our phones becoming both an extension of the hand and of the brain - what have we become? What are we becoming? And if we don’t know, how do we find out? 

I, Monster uses the classic tropes of the monster movie to investigate the fears of our current time. Using projection, live feeds, performance lecture, and the 1950’s horror genre, I, Monster mixes theatre and cinema. Hybrids of techniques are stitched together to create a dissection of the fears we have made for, and of, ourselves.


Perennials is a theatrical adaptation of Věra Chytilová’s 1966 Czech New-Wave film Daisies, which follows two young girls who decide that in a world gone bad, they’ll go bad too. Join us as we embark on a hedonistic campaign of self-indulgence, with each scene more bizarre than the last.

Lube & Learn

So what ARE we teaching our children about sex? 

There have always, and likely always will be debates on how Sex & Relationships Education should be delivered. Combining interviews, SRE resources, music & clowning, Lube & Learn explores the history & impact of SRE. We’ll be discussing what you’d rather not say in front of your Grandmother, whilst sometimes even dressed as her. 

So lube up, as we overshare our way to understanding sex.

Andy's Others

Our very own Andy Simpson performs and writes his own comedy. He takes a particular interest in alternative character comedy that draws inspiration from contemporary clown methods and pedagogy. He loves to embrace the audience and utilise them in performances which often take improvisational forms.

a long-forgotten mind

a long-forgotten mind is a binaural experience, which adapts both memories of Edith ‘Edy’ Craig, and the site of Smallhythe Place. Edith Craig is a forgotten powerhouse, and force for political theatre in aid of women's suffrage. She was a prolific director and performance maker.


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