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We are PINCHY theatre:

a non-hierarchical artist collective.




We want to be part of a new generation of performance makers, changing the way we think about making, and experiencing theatre.

We make work that's definitely not boring.

We often make theatre that searches for the edges of theatrical form, experimenting with the line between mediums.


We love making mess and not cleaning up after ourselves (actually, we love cleaning up after ourselves - it’s probably what we do best).


We make work that is intellectual and accessible, theatre that is irreverent, critical, and champions the role of the audience. We revel in shared experience.


We are dedicated to being a company that prioritises the health and wellbeing of our project partners and the environmental sustainability of our practice.

We don't always need to be successful. We celebrate failure.

Clare Packham

Clare Packham

Caitlin Eacott

Caitlin Eacott

Co-founded by

Clare Packham & Caitlin Eacott.


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